Sunday, November 30, 2014

CYBER Monday!

I don't know about you but I've been wish-listing things all night! I'm surprised I haven't broken my mouse yet!

Well, if you live under a rock,

......... buried under a mountain,

......... under 20 feet of snow,

you may not have heard the BIG NEWS!


Tomorrow is CYBER MONDAY!  

Do you know what that means?



I am SUPER excited about this.  This is a big opportunity for me to stock up on allllllll those things I've seen that I will DIE without.  Well, maybe not die but they will definitely make my job easier!

I thought I'd show you a few of the things in my store that might help you to make your job easier!

Monthly Newsletters ~ EDITABLE! 
This product is one of my best seller's!  These Editable Newsletters come in two different themes ~ Polka dots and Chevron (Plus a BONUS black and white.)  These make putting out a monthly newsletter effortless!  Click HERE or on the picture to see this product.

Another one of my best seller's is my ULTIMATE Binder!  As you can see, I have two versions of this to suit your needs.  The best part........both are completely EDITABLE!  You can add all of your personal information and print.  Just click on the image you like to view the product.
Interactive Math Journal ~ Kindergarten 
My Interactive Math Journal for Kindergarten will help your students acquire those important foundational skills in a hands-on way.  Activities include counting, skip counting, basic addition and subtraction and much more!  Click on the picture to view this product.

Don't forget - I'm offering 20% off of EVERYTHING in my store.  When you enter the code: TPTCYBER, TpT will give you another 8% off!  That's 28% off of EVERYTHING!  You can't beat that!

Happy Shopping!!!!

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  1. Love your blog design! Noticed you haven't posted lately, hope you will be back soon. I know life happens and blogging takes time. Paula