Monday, December 1, 2014

December Currently!

H.O.W. on earth did it get to be December?!?!?!  I feel like we just started school! 

Maybe I'm getting old (keep your comments nice!) but I swear time is flying by these days!

For those of you who read regularly, I am ONE CLASS away from my Master's Degree.  I have school Wednesday night, then . . . . . .

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Can you tell how happy I am????

I wanted to explain that part to you before you read my December Currently.  I am always thrilled to hook up with Miss Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade to bring you this wonderful monthly post.

 Listening ~ I am currently listening to the poor dog next door.  We have, how can I say this politely?  NOT NICE neighbors!  They don't take care of their home and they don't take care of their kids (5) and they certainly don't take care of their dog!  I feel so bad for the lil guy.  He's always outside barking to get in.  If they don't want to care for a dog, why on earth did they get one?!?!?!  Sorry, rant is over!

Loving ~ Did I mention I only have one more night of class left???

Thinking ~ My birthday was last Friday so my wonderful hubby took me to the Pocono Mountains for a little getaway.  We desperately needed it (see below.)  While we were away, we visited a place with over 100 outlet stores.  They had every store I could think of.....from North Face, Coach, and Ann Taylor to Nike, Gap and Fossil.  Needless to say my wallet came home a whole lot emptier but it was a blast! 

Wanting ~ My hubs currently works 2nd shift which causes quite a problem for us.  When I leave for work he is sleeping.  When I get home from work he's already at work.  When he gets done I'm sleeping.  Do you see the problem?  I'm hoping a position in his field becomes open on first shift so we can have a real life again!

Needing ~ I started with a horrible cold last Monday night and although I feel better I can't seem to get rid of the cough!  Stocked up on cough drops tonight so hopefully that will help!

Giving ~ Our school offers a Holiday Program which I run (in all my spare time!)  I can't wait to start shopping for the kiddies I picked.  We are helping over 100 of our students this holiday season.  All of the teachers sponsor a child/children and purchase gifts for them.  I have a whopping 8 kids this year to buy for.  I love that I am financially able to give back!  Each one of my own children sponsors a child too!  I'm a proud mama!

Well thanks for stopping by and checking out my currently.  Now that school is {almost} over I will definitely be getting some products made again.  I have a list longer than Santa!  Have a great December!

P.S. Did you like my color scheme?  I'm such a nerd :)


  1. I also cannot believe it is December already!! So exciting for you that you are so close to finishing your grad classes!! Congratulations to you!! Hope you are feeling better soon! Have a great rest of the week!


  2. Congrats on your Master's! I finished mine a couple years ago, and it is a GREAT feeling!!! I hope you kick that cold soon. It's the worst time of year to be sick! So much to do and so little time to do it.

    Have a great week!

    The Sharpened Pencil

    1. Thanks Janae! (What a pretty name! I love it!)

  3. Congratulations on only having one class left!!! That is awesome! Congratulations and have a happy holiday season!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

    1. Thanks for the comment Erin! I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too!

  4. I almost forgot- head over to my TPT store to pick out which item you'd like as your freebie :)