Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Made-it!

I'm hooking up with Fourth Grade Frolics to bring you my Monday Made-it!

I love, love, love having extra time in the summer to make things for home and my classroom!  I'm a little addicted to painting wooden things right now (you'll see.)  I also have a good tip for you in one of my "Made-its":

I am a great lover of Post-it notes, as anyone with OCD would be!  I love everything about them. I love the different sizes and shapes they come in. I love the different colors. Some with lines some without.  I am very slightly obsessed with them!  I wanted to make something cute to store them in so I picked up this little wooden paper sorter and got painting.  You may not know this about me yet, but I L.O.V.E. purple. And Polka-dots. So it just had to be purple. I found these cute little rub-on circles at the craft store and voila!  I can't decide if it looks really cute, or if it should go in a 4 year-old girls room. We'll see!

Okay, I understand I may be dating myself here......but when did Mod Podge come out with molds???? So I found these when I was picking up 5,000 wooden things to paint.  They are made by Mod Podge (which I also love) and come in a variety of designs.  I bought the one with the cute little flowers.  They sell the mod-podge-melts that you just pop in your glue gun and go to town.  Here is a look at the mold and the finished product. I will be painting them (YES, they are paintable!) and I have some clothespins that I will be attaching them to.  How cute are they?!?!?!  Just click HERE to go to the Mod Podge page to see their other design molds.

This last one is a tip plus a Made-It. I have my own classroom but I pull students from their classroom to work with them.  I K.N.O.W. my pencils will be walking this year so I am trying to be pro-active and avoiding that as much as possible. 

I purchased some cute, decorative tapes and wrapped all of my pencils (remember, I did tell you I have a lil OCD!)  For the girls, I used some Zebra print and polka-dots (not pictured) and for the boys it's Angry Birds!  They are in 5th grade but come on.....who doesn't love Angry Birds?  So if your pencils have feet like mine, this will be an easy way to solve that problem.  The other teachers and students know immediately if the pencil belongs to you.

Thanks for stopping by!  Hope you feel inspired, or at least had a laugh :)

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