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Hey there!  My name is Lori and I created this new blog to detail my happenings as I transition from a Kindergarten teacher to a 5th Grade Learning Support teacher.  BIG CHANGE but I'm super excited!

About me.......Well, let's see.  I'm newly married (almost one year), I have two children from my first marriage.  My daughter is 19, my son is 16 and they are my world!  I would seriously do anything for them and I'm so proud of the young adults they've become!

I have two furbabies......Sophie & Mocha.  They are brother and sister and they've been a part of our family for almost 4 years.  They are also my world!  They both have very unique and different personalities.  Sophie truly believes she is a cat, lol.  She is so gentle and sweet but won't hesitate to kick her brother's butt!  Mocha is a total honeybadger!  He is the funniest dog I've ever had.  He believes he is my baby!  He's definitely a momma's boy!

I began my teaching in an urban school district in first grade.  The district, one of the largest in the country, was in complete disarray.  I left there and was lucky to land a position teaching Kindergarten in a suburban school district.  I absolutely LOVE my school, my principal and the people I work with.  We are truly like a big family.  I couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

I started blogging about 2 or 3 years ago when I found TpT.  I was already making activities and games for my kinder's so I just adapted them for the blog / TpT world and I was set to go.  I've loved connecting with other bloggers, joining linky parties, etc.  It's really been an amazing journey.

When I decided I needed a change, I went to an open 5th Grade Learning Support position in my building.  I knew immediately I wanted to continue blogging and making products so the first step was building a blog.......and the rest is history!  I hope you enjoy your time here and I hope to make products you find useful and time-saving in your classroom!

Thanks for stopping by!


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