Friday, August 1, 2014

The ULTIMATE Teacher’s Binder!

I am bursting with excitement as I type this. Weeks of working on this product, consulting teachers and specialist’s ….. Making the entire product editable…..all to get to this moment!

This product is definitely a labor of love for me!  I was tired of carrying around a lesson plan book, a calendar, and endless files containing intervention notes, committee meeting information, student contact cards, etc. My bag was doing serious damage to my back!  I wanted to create one place for all of that information to be stored.  No more fumbling before a meeting to grab the right file/folder!  This product eliminates the need for all of that!  And the best part is, this product is 100% editable!  I created over 2,000 text fields for you to insert your own information.  Here is a peek at what is included.  Keep in mind, I created both color and b/w versions for all pages to save on color printing. There are also a few pages with multiple template designs for you to customize your binder.

There are templates for multiple fields of education including special educators.  There is an IEP Snapshot template, a caseload template, etc. to address your specific needs.  Anything you don't see here....just e-mail me and I'll put a template together for you! 

This product is a life-long tool.  No more purchasing teacher materials each year for your lesson plans, calendars, etc.  This file will be updated each year to include the most recent academic year.

Now, I know I said the best part was that it was editable but really the best part is that this product is on sale for the next 24hrs!  Yep.....hurry and grab it for $10.00 off!!!!!

If you have any questions at all, please leave me a comment below, on the Q & A section of my TpT store, or e-mail me at 

You can click any picture above or click here to check out this product.  As always, thank you for stopping by!

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