Sunday, August 3, 2014

Monday Made-It

Hey everyone!  I's so excited for today's Monday Made-It.  Of course, I'm hooking up with the brilliant 4th Grade Frolics!

I don't know if you noticed **totally telling on myself here** but I missed last week's Monday Made-It and I'm very sorry about that.  BUT. . . . I think I will definitely redeem myself this week!

So let's get ready to ........ you know how it goes :)

This is not new . . . . they're all over Pinterest BUT they are practical!  I'm constantly in awe of how many kids still forget to put their name on papers.  And as much as I try to check them. . . . I need two more sets of eyes.  Now that I'm working with the "big kids" they are able to find & identify (hopefully) their own papers!  I still have to apply some cutesy ribbon but it's finished for the most part.


This was my awesome find at Michael's this morning.  I was there buying lots of things I don't really need some very important things and I stumbled upon this.  It's a miniature chalkboard / white board easel!  I KNOW!  It's simply adorable.  I found 1 pkg of puffy-decorative thingys ~ on clearance for 99 cents ~ and stuck those bad boys on there.  How stinkin' cute is this?  Oh, and you would think I paid a fortune for this lil gem.  Nope. . . 3 bucks!  It will go on the table next to my desk.  The chalkboard will face out and I'll use the white board for reminders.
      ~Am I abnormal because this makes me happy???  Wait, don't answer that!

This was totally inspired by Alison at Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin' . . . .

You can read all about how she made her's HERE.

Mine just needs a few more finishing touches ~ cute dots and maybe a few more paper circles ~ then it will be done.  I'll show you another pic of it in my classroom.  To make mine, I did the following:

     Materials:    Canvas (any size you prefer)
                         Black acrylic paint & brush
                         Scrapbook Paper

 I basically followed all of the same steps except I printed my name using fonts.  Well, not really.  You see, I didn't want to ruin it by writing on the canvas (I don't always think my handwriting is cute) so I found some clipart fonts I liked.  Then I put the letters I'd need onto a PPT.  Then ~ this is the tricky part ~ I reversed the letters so that when I printed them they'd be backwards.  I printed them on colored paper to match the bright-color theme of my classroom.  So then I cut out the letters and flipped them right-side up to put them on my canvas.  Sounds hard & time consuming but it really wasn't.  It looked a little plain so I added the stitching effect with black marker.  Again, I'll show a finished pic from my classroom.

{Can I just say I left to find the #4 button about 35 minutes ago.  Click-click-click,
and I totally forgot what I was doing.  Can you say, "squirrel?!?!" }

Okay, back to business!


I f.i.n.a.l.l.y got these done!  Did you ever have something on your to-do list forever?  Well, this was mine.  I was hesitant to make them for my Kinder students but now the 5th graders will love them!  I'm going to put them in the reading area.

Made-It #5 
(Couldn't find the number 5 button.  But I was only gone 15 minutes this time!)

This is my FAVORITE one this week!


I was looking for comfy pillows for my reading center but they are pretty expensive.  After all the money I spent on other crafty things, I didn't want to fork out more $$$.  So I saw Walmart had these t-shirts (in MY colors) on sale for $3.00!  I originally thought I just buy travel pillows for them but then I saw they had regular sized pillows on sale too!  It was like winning the lottery. . . well not really but you get the point.  Aren't they cute?  They were SOOOO simple to make.  Took me about 30 minutes to do them all.

I should tell you I recently cleaned out my cedar chest with all of my bed linens.  I had about 10 sheet sets and 50 pillow case SETS.  I had them in the "donate" pile.  

So all I did was sew a straight line from the shoulder of the shirt to the bottom, then sewed the bottom shut.  I placed a regular pillow case on the pillow (yes, I stole from the donate pile).  You can't tell from the picture but they do match.  Then, use the "head-opening" of the t-shirt to put the pillow in.  The t-shirts were jersey material so they were pretty stretchy.  Now I can take them off to wash them too!  I had extra fabric from the crate-seats so I made some extra pillows.  Can't beat that!

I hope you enjoyed my Made-It's.  Head back on over to 4 Grade Frolics and check out the other cool creations!


  1. Thanks, Lori for the shout-out! Your canvas turned out really CUTE!!! I like the paper and colors you picked out!! I can't wait to see it hanging up in your classroom!!! I love the board that you got at Michael's. I need to make a run up there and see if I can find one!! Your pillows turned out super neat too. I truly wish I knew how to sew. I did join 4H once...I guess it didn't stick so well. Lol! Happy Monday!!!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. You've been very busy! The door sign and pillows look great!
    Growing Little Learners

  3. love those pillows! Great idea!!!

    Hodges Herald

    1. Thank you! Can't wait for the kids to use them :)