Friday, August 8, 2014

Five for Friday!

It's that time of the week again.........F.R.I.D.A.Y!!!!!  I'm VERY sad to report that I only have one more Friday to enjoy before things get REAL!  I'm trying to cram in every last ounce of goodness before the sugar hits the fan!

Well, if it's Friday then that means its time to hook up with Kacey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching to bring you . . . .


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Well, just today I remembered I had to make my clip chart for my new classroom.  This is a behavior management system my new team uses so I'll join the bandwagon.  Later though, I plan to introduce my Gold Ticket system.  I'll post more on that later but the kids really eat that up!

I love to goof around with the kids and try to make each day fun so I didn't want the traditional "Good Job" on my clip chart.  I decided to add things I would actually say to keep it consistent.  If you like it, you can download load it for free by clicking the picture or HERE.

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Ummm, does this really even need an explanation????  So, I decided to go with a "bright color" theme for my new room.  As I kept making things, somehow the Zebra Print pattern kept creeping its way into everything, so I went with it.  It really does help to balance the brightness.  Anywho, I found this cutie while I was shopping at Walmart.  There were only two and the other was cracked.  This little gem......3 bucks!  I have NO idea what I will use it for but maybe I'll put a pic of my furbabies in there:)

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I finally finished by Teaching Binder.  I made two actually.  They're both available in my store for $9.00.  It's truly a steal since you'll never have to purchase a Lesson Plan book, Calendar, or Grade book ever again!  I'll update the product yearly so it's a HUGE savings.  The one I'm using this year is.......

It truly has everything you'll need to keep you organized this year.  I'm so excited to start using it.  The best's completely editable!  So just type in your information, hit print and you're ready to roll!  Click on the picture above or HERE to check out what is in this product.

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I have definitely been a spray painting QUEEN this summer!  If it stood still, I spray painted it!  I am re-doing my Teacher's Toolbox to match my room.  The one I had came in a soft blue color so that just doesn't work.  I'm also doing a lil something with those clipboards (yes, they are clipboards, lol.)  I'll have a finished post about these for Monday Made-It.  The lil doo-hickey on the spray invention E.V.E.R.  It's a little nozzle you put on the can so your finger doesn't fall off when you are spraying. It was only 2 bucks at Walmart!  Gotta love Walmart!

That's all for this week!  Hope you enjoyed!  Head on back to Doodle Bugs to catch up with some other great bloggers!


  1. The nozzle for the spray paint has just made me want to go out and paint something. Genius idea! I like your simple clip chart! I toyed with the idea of a clip chart and even made one, but I have 15 different classes so I have come up with a better idea- for me! After a few weeks of using my plan I will blog about it! Even if it doesn't work!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. The nozzle definitely makes it easier! You could still use a clip chart if you assign students in each class a number. Then you just make one set of clips. Keep a recording sheet for each class with their numbers and voila!

  2. I'm loving the REAL words on your clip chart! I wish I had time (and talent) to paint things in my room... I have so much yucky furniture!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

    1. I have definitely painted A LOT this summer! Good thing my dogs weren't standing still or I might have painted them too! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love finding other special education blogs. I don't know why I haven't found yours earlier! I will have to go check out your binder on TPT and I'm looking forward to seeing your finished toolbox & clip boards.

    I'm always jealous of people who can make things for TPT. I haven't figured out how to do all that cute stuff yet. I'm glad you did well with the sale this week! Have a nice weekend.

    Tales of a Carolina Girl

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! If you ever need help making things for TpT just shoot me an e-mail. I'd be glad to help you out! It's quite easy once you get the hang of it!